Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge

-Albert Einstein

We provide comprehensive, personalized instruction!

Students' Work

About Us

Leneve School of Art


  • Teaching Fine Art For Over Thirty Years
  • Renowned Artist and Experienced teacher    
  • Fine Art Classes for Ages 5  through Adult
  • Specializing in Individual Attention 
  • Morning, Afternoon, Evenings & Weekends
  • Drawings, Painting & Sculpture
  • Portfolio Development  
  • Birthday Parties   
  • Summer Camp

The School offers three different Classes:


  1. Drawing & painting Class- student will learn to sketch the image on a paper or canvas. Paper image will be  transferred to the canvas. Student will learn to paint the image using acrylic or watercolor paints. 
  2. Drawing Techniques Class- Student will learn to build a 3-D form using pencil on a drawing paper. Advanced students will learn to use pastels, charcoals or color pencils
  3. Sculpture class - student will learn to create sculpture (small figurine) using water based clay, Student will learn to  use references from 3-D object to create their own master piece.
  4. Additional Classes
    1. Glass Painting
    2. Pumpkin Painting - seasonal (September/October)

Our Mission


This school is a traditional Fine Arts School. No Abstract or Arts and Crafts.


 Student will learn to create works of art in the Realist Tradition. 

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